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Create your own clan logo with the Gaming Logo Maker

Create Clan Logo

How to create your own clan logo

Design directly in your browser with Gaming Logo Maker

Gaming Logo Maker was especially developed for clans which don’t want to or cannot invest a large pile of money into a clan logo and still want a professional online presentation. The logo maker is a modular system for clan logos where you can find and combine countless mascots, figures, colors and fonts. This way, you can simply create individual and unique clan logos.

Step 1 Choose between countless mascot

1. Choose between countless mascot

Step 2 Add motifs and figures

2. Add motifs and figures

Step 3 Also add your clan name

3. Also add your clan name

Step 4 Order and download instantly

4. Order and download instantly

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Clan Logo Video Tutorials

Get inspired by our current clan logo designs and templates

To get to know the handling of Gaming Logo Maker, we will show you with our video tutorials how to create your own and individual clan logo with the modular system of Gaming Logo Maker.

Clan Logo Templates

Or choose between many clan logo templates

You only have to adjust the colors, change the writing and boom – your logo is finished!

Tiger Gaming Logo Template
Gorilla Gaming Logo Template
Drache Gaming Logo Template
Grizzly Gaming Logo Template

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Create a Clan Logo with our modular system

With Gaming Logo Maker, we offer you the chance to create your own individual clan logo which matches your clan’s characteristics perfectly. This is why we developed this logo maker which you can operate directly in your browser. You will build and compile your own clan logo from a growing stock of mascots, figures and fonts.

Gaming Logo Maker PC Editor

Building a Clan Logo the easy way

Start building your own Clan Logo now

Become a clan logo designer and create your own clan logo with our modular system powered by Gaming Logo Maker. You will decide how the logo is structured, the combination of motifs and the different colors. And it all comes with an excellent price of 11.99€! Are you curious? Start designing your new logo no- the other clans will envy you!

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