Minecraft Logo Maker

  • Add Text

    You can easily add your clan name, your founding date or your slogan to your logo here.

  • Add Motif

    You can choose between countless figures, mascots and gaming icons with which you can create your own individual clan logo.

  • Upload Picture

    Your clan already has its unique motif that has to be included in the logo? You can simply add your motif to your clan logo here.

  •  My Design

    You can find all your saved clan designs here. This way, you can edit and update them during your next visit in case you cannot decide on one design yet.

  • Turn Horizontally

    With this feature you can mirror your clan logo or single elements.

  •  Horizontal centered

    Your selected motif will be placed horizontally centered.

  • Vertical centered

    Your selected motif will be placed vertically centered.

  • To the Left

    Moves the selected motif to the left.

  • To the Right

    Moves the selected motif to the right.

  • Move Up

    Moves the selected motif up.

  • Move Down

    Moves the selected motif down.

  • Delete

    Deletes the selected motif.

  • Reset

    Resets your clan logo to original settings.

  • Copy

    Copies the selected motif.

  • Save

    You can save your clan logo in case you want to either work on it later or want to create several versions.

  • Preview

    Have a look at your new individual clan logo in all its glory.

  • Zoom

    Zooms the picture.

  • Share

    You will receive a link which you can share with your friends. This way, they can see the logo and can also continue working on it.

  • Select All

    Selects all picture elements and motifs at the same time and displays all provided colors which were used in your clan logo.